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“北海道の厳しい大地でも耐えるアウトドアウェア” をコンセプトに、スノーボードをバックボーンとしながらも、都会と自然を繋ぐプロダクトを展開。

Launched in 2008, with “outdoor wear that can withstand the harsh conditions of Hokkaido” as the concept. While mainly aimed at snowboarders, our products were developed to connect urban lifestyle and nature.

Snow wear



Since 2008, we have been planning, manufacturing and selling snowboard wear in Hokkaido, and we repeat test riding in the snowy mountains every year to continue brushing up the functionality and design.

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Rain Boots



These light rain boots weigh only 440g (one leg, size S). With the attached custom bag, they are easy to store and to put on.

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Rain poncho



This rain poncho is made of top-quality high performance waterproof material with a waterproof rating of 20,000mm and breathability of 10,000g. Waterproof sealing tapes are adhered to all inner seams, keeping out the rain but also letting perspiration escape.

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Pop up tent



A simple tent featuring a colorful print design. The storage bag also has a large pocket, so you can put a towel, a leisure sheet, or even a water bottle. As it is a shoulder type, it is easy to move by bicycle.

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オフィスとフィッティングストアを併設したFour Seasons Design Lab.では、オンラインショップで展開中の43DEGREES製品を実際に触れ、試着する事ができ、設置されたPCやお手持ちのタブレット・スマホですぐに購入することができます。

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